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IGN Entertainment, and Ipsos Media CT released some research findings from the study "Are you game?", a "comprehensive study examining the growing diversity, consumption patterns and social activity of videogamers".

Videogamers are actually more social and more active than non-gamers
- twice as likely to go out on dates as non-gamers in a given month.
- 13% more likely to go out to a movie
- 11% more likely to play sports
- 9% more likely to go out with friends than non-gamers
Videogamers have surpassed non-gamers as pop culture influencers
- friends and family relied upon them to stay up-to-date about movies and latest technonology
The average age of gamers now topping 30 and more than half of gamers married with kids
The average gaming household income is notably higher than that of non-gaming households
via PFSK
It strongly remind me Steven Johnson's theory written in his Everything Bad is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smart

Probably gamers are changing because culture is changing, and games with it. Anyway games may be a sort of accelerator in culture adoption and social adaptation (sharing dynamics, problem solving activities, fast reactions, multi mediality...)

You know what you gain playing games.

But it may be worthwile to think about what you loose, too.

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