Raise curiosity

I saw this

I wondered what it could be.
I googled the name of the website.
I googled the name of the gorup.
I googled the title of the song.
It was not so easy to understand what Ecncyclopedia Pictura was.
It took me a while.

Interesting things stimulate curiosity.
Visionary stuff is often a disruptive way to engage


Usefull marketing

Near my house there's a local newspaper editorial office.
They did a very simple, but usefull thing: just a board reporting cinemas movies and timetable... on the window.
It's an unrequested but useful service that influenced my opinion on that newspaper: they care about the community, and their interests.
It's quite astonishing to be still hitten by an action like this.
The local newspaper is: Reporter
My suggestion is: update that board! thanks.

Coffee pot: function vs symbol

I remember when I bought a coffe pot for four people.
I live alone (and I always use a two person coffe-pot), but I often have some friends for dinner, so... I thought it was better to have a bigger one (I could avoid to prepare it two times).

It is not (not always, at least!).

At the end of the dinner people is laid back, relaxing and chatting: they don't have nothing else "to do". So, I think, preparing two coffee pot, instead of a bigger one, stress the ritual aspect, increase the convivial atmosphere, and add intimacy.
But sometimes you're in a hurry...

So... time and occasion decide my coffepot, not the guests number.