Brands & Consumers

It can be idealistic, or even stupid, but I like thinking of Brands and Consumers as standing for a common aim. In the end, aren't brands communication tools?

(unfortunately I don't remember the name of the artist that realized that exposition, she lives and works in Berlin, if anyone knows her name, please let me know! Thanks!)


Shaping Remote Control

This is a picture of the new "Black Tech" TV series by Philips.
Look at the screen: a beautiful, modern, flat, dark design.

We are in the digital era, and flat screens hanging on our walls testify it. They seems like post-modern canvas. Futurist windows linking our homes with the rest of the world.
Now, please, look a the remote control. What the hell is that? A box? In the Ipod crunching society? Why Philips don't think about it?

We daily handle the control, we put it on our table, sofa and even on (or in) our beds.
I think they could wasily do a better job.