Changing Times in a fresh language

Nothing new probably but I liked it for the language they used.
It's entertaining, clear and simple.

I think it's a good way to promote a marketing agency (Scholz and Friends).

via: Jeremiah

Threatening pause

Just because working with Nestle I have thought so many times at how a pause might be relaxing, energizing, exciting, amusing...

Let's the children fight

If you're doing nothing, you're supporting the problem.

Really provocative in its perspective twist.
The target is not depicted as "the good boy who can change the world"...
And it obviously worked well to increase awareness: it doubled the traffic on the website and obtained a great viral activity.

Here a great example of the "you can make the difference" approach It's for Amnesty International by Mother London.


Beyond marketing: Ifood

"The lesson: When a marketer creates something that's actually useful, consumers don't really see it as straight marketing, or they're at least willing to accept advertising as the payoff."

Case: Kraft I food assistant
via: Advertising Age


Business Model Innovation

Thanks to: Max Kava e Roldano De Persio