Synthetic Kail

I don't mind your job, your projects, your strategies, your unsleeping nights, your new monitor...
I dont' mind your delay for meeting, or your punctured tyre...
I don't mind advertising, marketing, agencies, don't even money...

The only very thing I want, is that you live me alone with my mum... so that I can finally EAT.
And stop that camera please, or pay me a glass of milk.


Moving to London

Time is up! I'm moving to London.

Where will I live? Where will I work?
Where will I risk my life for the first time, crossing the street?
Where will I find my paradise on Earth?
I like to watch maps and see white sheets to paint.

- no job
- no room
- a lot of enthusiasm, curiosity and passion,
- and... a little bit of experience.
will it be enough?

Stay tuned.
In the meantime, I realized that:

good start Marco!