An anthropologic view about technology

Simply fascinating... when I decided to work as a planner,
I really hoped to end questioning the world that way.... and I still do.

Here you'll find another video presentation "Nine trends shaping the future of social interactions"
Here the presentation on slideshare
This is his blog

Targeting Online Moms

Reasearch by Nielsen Online on online moms' activities and behaviours

Here a brief ppt
Here an abstract


Three wishes

« I put the question first to Thelonious Monk…

if you were given three wishes; to be instantly granted, what would they be?
He was pacing back and forth, and he paused for a moment to gaze out across the river at the New York skyline… Then he gave me an answer… and I said : « But Thelonious… you HAVE those already ! ». He just smiled… and began pacing again… ».


Social Networks need a new ad (?) model.

eMarketer projects US social network ad spending will fall in 2009.

Problems at MySpace are the main reason for the revision.

As a result of the expected shortfall at MySpace, eMarketer now forecasts that total US social network ad spending will fall 3% to $1.14 billion in 2009, from $1.18 billion in 2008.

Here the article. Emarketer.

"Total social network ad spend in the US will fall from $1.2bn to $1.1bn (£795m) in 2009, mainly due to brands spending 15% less on News Corporation's MySpace, according to eMarketer's revised estimates."

here the article BrandRepublic


Evolution is hiddenly working for beauty brands

"IF YOU have ever sat alone in a bar, depressed by how good-looking everybody else seems to be, take comfort—it may be evolution playing a trick on you.

A study just published in
Evolution and Human Behavior by Sarah Hill, a psychologist at the University of Texas, Austin, shows that people of both sexes reckon the sexual competition they face is stronger than it really is. She thinks that is useful: it makes people try harder to attract or keep a mate"

Here the entire article (it's not recent but worthwhile reading... for our ego at least!)