Magic sand

Michelangelo once said "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free".

When you clearly see your goals, when you perfectly know where you want to go, shapes are so neat... you just can't miss them, every single move is made to point there, it seems there's no space for mistakes... provoking, isn't it?

Anybody else would not understand... because it's hard to share the vision, but step by step, things start to have a meaning, until whole picture, simply, is there.


Virality and video remixing

A good way to spread virality (through community marketing)

Ragazzi Fuori

Fast & Furious

Images amplify emotions, and the dancing experience may change accordingly.

Anyway, I definitely love this stuff, but couldn't find many examples,
if you have any, please leave a comment.

(Thanks again to Marco Papale)

No matter what you do

thanks to Marco Papale

Theme Parks Maps Gallery

How does maps changes thorugh the years?
What is supposed to be more appealing or interesting to show?
Which informations are crucial and which ones may be skipped, instead.
Here is the gallery of maps of theme parks...

- Parkings disappears (they become obvious - and probably too big to be represented)
- 3d perspective dominates
- ...

The one that really surprised me is the map by Marine World in Redwood City, California (1960)

it seems a Google Map screenshot

And here is the oldest one - Bellevue, Manchester UK (1931)

no colors, no 3d... (and no Playstation or Imax to influence the imagery)

I was curious to see which kind of cars where supposed to fill those parking lots and,
just in case you are, here are some examples...