Social Spark: Connecting advertisers with bloggers

Connecting advertisers with bloggers through an online marketplace, or... in Jeremiah's words it's an "inventory of bloggers, where you can purchase sponsored blog posts".
I browsed a bit but I didn't find anything similar in the Italian marketplace. A good idea to gain/offer visibility.


The memory of goods

In Homeopathic medicine,

…serial dilution, with shaking between each dilution, removes the toxic effects of the substance, while the essential qualities are retained by the diluent (water, sugar, or alcohol).
Common homeopathic preparations are often indistinguishable from the pure diluent because the purported medicinal compound is diluted beyond the point where there is any likelihood that molecules from the original solution are present in the final product… (Wikipedia here)”

Tiziano Terzani is really evocative, he rises fascinating questions about this topic: is it possible that after all those diluting processes the diluent save a sort of memory of the initial substance? Is it that memory that actually treats the illness? What do we really know about what is not “scientific”?

Today I found the website of Whereamiwearing (“a book that explores the complex web of the global garment industry. Author Kelsey Timmerman set out on a world-wide journey to understand where, and by who his clothes were made” via PSFK here), and I started wondering about Terzani’s hipothesis…

How many memories do we bring around?
May they affect our daily life?