Social networks new data

Facebook is running faster and faster, and MySpace is experiencing an important loss. What's more, Facebook is also increasing the time spent per visitor +100% (from 9.56 to 19.51)

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Most stolen in Italy

1. Razorblades
2. Ink cartridges (for printers)
3. Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan cheese)
4. Cosmetics
5. Meat
6. Wines and spirits
7. Firmed clothes
8. Consumer electronics
9. Mobiles
10. Leather goods, Handbags, accessory

Meat at the 5th place is quite astonishing... is that becoming a luxury good?


Simple and efficient solution

Children usually don't feel like brushing their teeth.
What's more, the minimum time generally recommended by dentists to provide a thorough teeth brushing is two minutes.
How can you persuade a child to brush his teeth for so long?

A musical toothbrush. The clip plays for two minutes.
Simple, useful, and amusing.
I think it's great.

Here is the website.

A strategic approach

"Let's go for a print campaign, or aTV commercial... and why not a blog, or a social media?"

Unfortunately it's not so unusual to design a strategy after that someone else has already decided the tools to use (on and off-line).
Read: stop focusing on the hammer and think about the house

Jeremiah says that "People forget to look at the forest, instead focus on the trees". Well, I strongly agree with him. How can we transform that problem into an opportunity?
Trying to unveil reasons and attitudes (and needs) that make people focus on trees could be a starting point.

- Time pressure.
- Forest awareness.
More and more warning posts or contents?
- Brand Image.
Include in the strategy some cool tool?
- Costs.
More and more case histories about cost-effectiveness?

Something else?


Italy - Demographics Internet Usage

- Just (one more) reason for many 35-54 italian people to be thankful to their job.
- An aging country

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Underground Poetry - Clarababila

Where poetry meets sound is usually a good place to be.