Chevrolet. Get real

Breakdance with Citroen or reality with Chevrolet?

Strawberry Frog, Amsterdam


Shooting around

Like kids in a living room.
But, chatting, smoking, drinking beer, and...
do you see any adults to hassle?

Business is a war!

Where is the liver and where the spleen? I asked him but...


Oh, yes, I agree, completetly: you will ever have a green light in life.


Social irresponsibility

Please, stop. We are insulting poverty.

How can we make this kind of stuff... (and sell it at 4£!!) in a museum?
Wasn't a card enough, to assure the ironic image of the visitor?



Wednesday Matches

In the morning at Walkabout with some australian friends watching "State of origin"

Queensland won against the New South Wales 18 - 10

And in the eveninig...
first in front of the Chelsea stadium to feel the vibe

and then to "The Old Fire Station" pub in Hammersmith to watch the game

Manchester won, but penalities...

Did you know that:
"Pub and bars in the capital will today pocket an £8m windfall as football fans flock to venues for Chelsea's Champions League final clash"
"Jenny Podmore landlady at the AngleaseArms, just off Fulham Road, said: With sunny weather and the football on, we should make £3,000 or £4,000 more than a normal night"

How much Extratimes and Penalties worth?


Uk Mobile tariffs

One day spent looking for a mobile and the best carrier.
the hard part of the job was finding a comparative scheme.
I found it in the The Carphone Warehouse's magazine.

Here it is (updated to may 2008),

just in case some of you are looking for the same thing.


Selfridge Windows


Our eyes, like metropolitan bees...

can hardly avoid to stop on these unconventional bikes.

Simple and cheap

Exciting bank.

Another exciting branch???

Going to London

Ryan air: "the on-time airline",

decided to offer us 4h 35min to think deeply about its claim.

Crossing the english Channel

Mr Thames

Let's start



Pimp my Search

US Serach engine market is dominated by Google... nothing new
Here trends and percentages

But... what about the brand new interface of Yahoo? Doesn't it sound familiar?

Ok, just a joke: here it is.


Facebook Applications

"Of the 23,160 Facebook applications, I use about 5, but I probably wouldn't notice if someone randomly removed all of them from my profile in the middle of the night..."
Here the original post

Another interesting resource to track installations on Facebook is Adonomics