Jamie Oliver: a consistent, clear, helpful, engaging, brand

A clear mission
Getting the nation excited about cooking delicious meals from scratch again

Addressing customer needs (in the past as well as today)
…when World War II broke out, the government appointed the Ministry of Food to help families make the most of wartime rations. Because of this incredibly valuable service, people knew how to use their food rations properly and were able to eat - and live - better, even during the war! Today’s diet-related problems aren’t linked to a shortage of food this time, but are serious in a very different way. The research shows that people who cook more are generally healthier than those who don’t. That’s why this movement is so important, because it could really be good for your health and the future health of the country.

With engaging and viral dynamics
As soon as you've done your first Pass It On, and your guests have confirmed you've taught them your recipe, you'll be able to see your own Pass It On Chain. Each new person who confirms you've passed your recipe on to them will be added to your Chain - and there's no limit to how long it can grow. The people you pass your recipe on to will then need to pass your recipe on to at least two more people to get their own Pass It On Chain. What I really like about this idea is that it is helpful, and not only for your health. On the website you can find tips and easy recipes to improve (or start) your cooking expertise.

Lots of projects all linked by a credo.
Jamie Oliver is running a Tv show, he has written more than ten books, he opened (and is opening) restaurants (Fifteen and Jamie’s Italian), and websites, blogs, forums… he took parts in projects aimed at banning junk food from schools…

Here the website

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