List of companies embracing social media

Peter Kim has published a list of companies "using and being used by social media marketing" , it will take a while to review them all, but it's definitely worthwile.
It would be really useful to have an archive with all those efforts, and considering that it is a good publicity for companies too (the list was initially smaller, it grew thanks to many people who wanted to see the name of their companies - or of their clients - in the list), I'm looking forward for someone thinking about it.

Anyway, I'm very happy to see that the first one in the list is Italian... the power of numbers!

here the link

I just realized that at Forrester - with their Groundswell Awards - while promoting their book, they are also showing a list of companies who decided to submit their works: here
It would be great to have more of this resources.
If you know any other browsable and public archive of social media initiatives, please let me know, I'll attach them here... waiting for the ultimate list, it might be useful for us all.

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