Facebook & Social Media

First of all thanks to Amaury (Fabernovel) for sharing their study and anlysis about Facebook.

I found it really fascinating and stimulating.
If you want to know how fast Facebook is growing, which are its compertitors and how it realtes to them, how people use it, which are the changes and the consequences that can affect other important content sharing sites… read it
If you want to check its revenue models and which advertising tools can guarantee a higher clicktrhough rate in social media sites… read it
If you want to see where social networking and media sites are going… read it

Highlight: convergence
All in a homepage: contacts, preferred videos, songs, blogs, network updates (companies will have to release “social media compliant” content or applications).

Will this homepage show the Facebook or MySpace logo?
Why certain social media are preferred to others?
Are there only “historic” reasons?
Why not a meta-social media able to link all them together?

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