Community Equity

Probably we all know (or have had perception) of the famous 90-10 rule related to online community participation (90% just read or view, 10% actively contribute).
But… what happen in that 10%? We usually assume that 9% post or commment just occasionally (as Steve remember in his white paper, that I presented here), and only 1% share lots of comments and content.

Well, Peter (Resise2.0) was so kind to share an experiment they did at Sun, where they digged the phenomenon deeper, developing a real Community Equity Widget, that allowed users to constantly track their Participation and Contribution.

Their Enterprise Social Network Community is called CE2.0, but I like to think that that kind of widget will soon appear on Facebook or other Social Networks.
Let’s think how useful it could be for PR firms to easily check the influence of people, or for HR departments… I'm thinking about Gladwell's “The Tipping Point”...

Here Peter's post.

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