Social Media Ranking (Share of Voice)

Immediate Future guys wrote an interesting article about Social Media performance of the top 100 brands (Interbrand 2006)
Interbrand rates brands analysing their financial performance, influence on customer demand and brand strenght.
Immediate Future rated first 100 brands analysing their Share of Voice and Social Network Group Sentiment

"Of the top brands in Share of Voice, only 36% rank in the Interbrand top 25"

No surprise that first in SoV ranking are technology brands (Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft)
What is probably more interesting is that:
"Microsoft, Disney and BMW show the closest correlation with the Interbrand rankings... while Shell, Starbucks and LG show the greatest difference in rankings"
It seems that LG has a problem to face.

Share of Voice per category:

FMCG come immediately after Technology stuff.
But, as writers warn, SoV don't tell anything about the Sentiment... and Influence.

Read the entire article: The Top 100 brands in social media

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