Automatic Grocery Shop

This is a very useful machine.

Here in Italy we don't have 7eleven shops,
so if you're hungry during the night, or if you forgot to buy something during the day...
well you can only ring to your neighbour.
One of the biggest grocery chains, has installed the first automatic grocery shop.
You select the products, insert the money, and take your shop (bag included)
Prices are obviously higher, but you know... when you need something...

But we should probably think of the premium price like a ticket to pay.
A ticket to enter that wonderful world that is our deepest self.
This machine will allow us to keep all our bad habits, without having to be false with our neighbours
- no more headphones in the night,
- no more cuddles to the dog,
- no more smiles in the morning

We don't need that "glass of milk", ot that "just one egg", anymore!
It's the end of a slavery, don't tell me it is just an automatic machine.

Here is a video (in italian)

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