Launch event: Fiat 500

Yesterday night the launch event,
I would expect something... different.
It has been a very expensive and spectacular event, fireworks, great coreography, moving platform on the river, 7000 people wathcing it live, and one hour of live tv show.
But... well, the flavour...: reading it one could find Fiat-corporation-would-be-values,
but no Fiat 500 values.
It is a pretty nice car, small, good design, creative mood, fresh appeal...
I expected something fresh and new, something unusual and "out of the box".
That's exactly what Fiorello brought... that's exactly the reason we Italians have found a new interest in Fiat image.
Fiat showed the ability to joke with its brand.
That was damn new and unexpected!
Not the same music, dancers, and fireworks that we saw for the olympic games (I think they would hardly work even for Fiat Croma)
Next time, please, spend less, surprise more, and if you don't knw what to do... call Fiorello!

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