(Swimming) Lesson

One hour ago I was swimming.
I was trying to learn a new swimming-style.
I tried again and again, and it made all my swimming-pool mates laugh.
They were right... I was ridiculous.

When I feel an unpleasing emotion (like shame) I’m confused and I look for a sort of escape. But I can also decide to stop for a moment and just listen.
What is actually happening? Which is the real name of that feeling? Why am I experimenting that emotion?
While asking myself theese questions I start to feel comfortable, and that emotion doesn’t hurt anymore. Then I am free to decide what to do (instead of just impulsively reacting).

I think it is very important to konw, accept, or - at least - to learn, to feel comfortable with our own fears and mistakes. They are probably the main responsible for our rigidity and crystalization: they close the package on our head and write on it “final release”.

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