Strong Coffee

This morning I woke up badly,
(I think yesterday night movie is responsible!)
But I have to thank Mr Tom Peter to remind me what I'm here for.
He compiled a list of 50 strategies to pursuit luck,
here are my favourites:

1. At-bats. More times at the plate, more hits.
2. Try it. Cut the baloney and get on with something.
4. If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.
5. Boring folks, boring ideas. Read odd stuff. Visit odd places. Cultivate odd hobbies. Work with odd partners.
11. Ask dumb questions.
14. Don’t back away from passion.
15. Pursue failure. Failure is success’s only launching pad.
18. Listen to everyone. Ideas come from anywhere.
19. Don’t listen to anyone. Trust your inner ear. Nurture intuition.
20. Get fired. If you’re not pushing hard enough to get fired, you’re not pushing hard enough.
22. Don’t hang out with “all the rest.” Forget the same tired trade association meetings, talking with the same tired people about the same tired things.
26. Destroy hierarchies.
29. Take sabbaticals.
30. “Repot” yourself every 10 years. (meaning change careers each decade.)
34. Disorganize. Bureaucracy takes care of itself.
36. Dis-equilibrate ... Create instability, even chaos.
37. Stir curiosity. Ignite youthful, dormant curiosity.
38. You need people who despise what you stand for.

You will find the entire list, and many other interesting contributes, here

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