Beers and thoughts

Yesterday I had a very nice night, spent talking about... americans and italians, and the usual stupidity of stereotypes.

Charming atmosphere with candels and orietal dancers.
It's quite curious how much we struggle to be normal... to be accepted, to be part of a group; often hiding and refusing our more peculiar and weird sides...
It seems that we sacrifice a part of our identity in order to gain fellowship and reassure ourselves with a place in the (social) world. But... should we really assume that identity and fellowship are opposite? Probably not: close friendship or love are good examples.

Then we spoke about people and walls, communication and emotions. Probably we all are too fragile to live without barriers and fences: we have bones to protect our heart. Don't we?
But sometimes it happen that we leave someone or something visit our deepest room (actually, we don't decide anything at all!) and well...

In the end we spoke about coincidences in everyday life. It seemed to us that... Let's just say that we were drunk enough to start speaking about...
A very interesting, charming and fascinating night
...and good beers, too!

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