Humanism in the car industry

I like the consumer-centered approach in the car industry and I think it might go much further (environment is fine but there's also health, well-being, a wider understanding of social responsibility).
Cars are a mean... to get to a better living. That is: improve our self esteem, better relationships with our planet, our children, families and fellows and, of course, take us where we want to go)
Honda, Toyota, Kia... did a very good job communicating these concepts through advertising but... their websites don't seem to back them up

Considering their improvement in the hybrid sector I really don't get the point. Why they don't capitalize their achievements promoting a new driving culture and a new driver mindset in a more engaging way?

Something from the past: Kia. think before you drive.

And here a new commercial from Toyota

I'm looking forward to seeing a real commitment that goes beyond commercials and build on people performances instead of cars ones: you don't need to run faster and faster if you wake up 10 minutes earlier, and if you do... the driver behind you probably doesn't need super-powerful brakes or two thousands airbags.

As Saturn claims in this old commercial: I would like to see companies thinking more about the people and less about the cars.

The last word about Kia. I love the "Think before you drive" concept, and I would like it to go beyond "greeness" to (again) "humanism"

Move up your alarm by ten minutes and you can save thousands of pounds in engine, brakes and air bags.
Or, better:
If you sleep more you'll have a safetier journey, and we too.

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