Insurances: love your customers

Some time ago I worked for a car insurance company.
They were targeting male/female drivers older than 23.
The reason is quite simple: young drivers cause more accidents.
Checking competition this seemed to be a common approach among car insurances: they earn more if people don't crash they cars.

Isn't it weird?
Our researches showed that usually people don't have a very good impression of insurance companies... "they steal your money... lot of notes in the contracts... you never know if they refund you or not..."

But, actually, insurance companies are worried about your driving capabilities and expertise...

There we saw an opportunity. What about a "2nd level driving school" providing real and effective courses and tests to its customers? It seemed a win-win game. The more they would have had good drivers, the more they might earn. And the less accidents its customers caused, the more money (and health) they saved.
An insurance company that takes care of you, teach you driving, and gives you all the information you need to drive safely. Why should they? Because they want to get rich. And they will only if you behave correctly.

"The less you risk your life, the more we earn: isn't it love?"

Anyway, I was nicely surprised by PruHealth.
In my opinion, they should think about a new advertising approach... but they have an interesting product.

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