Alternate Reality Game

I have to be grateful to Raffaele (from Oversize) because some days ago sent me a Wired article that introduced me to the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) world.

"...a new kind of interactive fiction. These narratives unfold in fragments, in all sorts of media, from Web sites to phone calls to live events, and the audience pieces together the story from shards of information... No longer passive consumers, the players live out the story. Eight years ago, this kind of entertainment didn't exist; now dozens of such games are launched every year, many of them attracting millions of followers on every continent."

The article is rich in stimula and insights that can be really inspiring.

"Games are about engaging with the most entertaining thing on the planet... which is other people."

Some other interesting resources about the argument are: ARGNetcasts, ARGnet, and what seems to be the main agency entirely dedicated to this kind of interactive experiences: 42entertainment.

Every kind of resource about ARG is welcome. I'll try to find some italian examples...


thebruce said...

Welcome to the genre! ;) As a first resource (there are many out there) may I recommend joining up with (or lurking in) the Unfiction.com forums?
I'm sure there are Italian dedicated sites out there (I know there's a German-only news site, for instance), but I think unfiction would be a great start, to get a foot in the door.

Is there any specific thing at this point that's really piquing your interest? There's a number of TV-series-based games running at the moment, plus a handful of grassroots ARGs of varying sizes that are always open for more people :).

Have a good one!

-Geoff May (ARGNet)

Marco Bandini said...

Hi Bruce (or... Hi TheBruce?!) thanks for signalling so fast and very interesting resources. I've just visited Unfiction.com, and printed some posts.

Today was a very busy day, but... I'll study more during the night to be prepared with more focused questions as soon as possible!

So far, thanks again for your help