World Food Program: Free rice

Just the time to speak about FreeRice.com
Two main reasons:
- it's an humanitarian initiative (so please visit the website and play the game)
- it's an interesting case history for successfull viral marketing.

The game ask you to answer a question, if your answer is right, United Nations World Food Program (through advertisers revenue) will receive 10 grains of rice, if you give two right answers, 20 grains will be donated... and so on.

(gratification mechanism)

"...has already generated enough rice to feed 50,000 people... more than 1 billion grains of rice donated in just one month... On October 7, the day it was launched, just 830 grains of rice were donated. But the Internet community quickly caught on, and on November 8 alone 77 million grains were donated--equivalent to more than 7 million correct clicks."

Via Planning for good
and ZDNet (here you find the entire article)

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