Drive Thru Customer Experience

I go to a McDonald, or a Burger King or... whatever.
I have a great shopping experience.
Three minutes to get my meal, kind crews, relaxing colors, good music: I'm loving it (actually not even, but... let's say that)

What happens if I use the Drive Thru option?
I go to the Fast Food, I buy my food... an then?
I probably drive till the first parking area, that probably is in an awful district, I stop the car (my radio can have a bad signal), probably my car is not so big to relax, I have to pay a lot of attention on how I move, where I put fries and coke... I'm not loving it, not at all.

What if I know that driving for the same time, or for three minutes more, I could have a green park? A nice view? Or simply a bench? A no noise zone?

So why not to care about the consumption (eating) experience of the Drive Thru consumers?

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