Web Marketing, trust and... a coffee.

I was reading the slideshare presentation (Here) about Ford Social Media Strategy.

They write in their strategy: "Humanize the company, connecting consumers with employees.

Best Buy, realized the Best Buy Connect program through which employees can connect and stay in touch with consumers via Twitter (Here)

Looking at Forrester data we read that company's voice (blog) don't score very well at deserving consumers' trust.

Now. It seems that employees' voice is the hot new media to show the openness and humanity of a company but... for how long will it last?
Consumers are not stupid, what should an employee say about his company if he is part of a clear and monitored communication strategy?
Will people really believe theese employees in the long run? Not. probably.
But in the meantime a new media will grow... and so on.

But... wait a minute, aren't we loosing something in this media-burning process?

E-marketer data show that Americans trust blogs (once the revolutionary channel of free voices) less than Europeans, and the same is going to happen with "peers".

Wherever trust goes, there go companies. Today Americans trust their friends more than every other source of informations... what tomorrow? Will they trust only their parents?
I really look forward to hearing my father telling me which product I should buy.
That is to say that opening direct communication channels risk to be just a tactic move, without a long term transparency vision: how am I going to guarantee that my employees' conversations will be always (perceived as ;-)) honest?

Social implications are quite scaring...

but I started this day really well, and I don't want any emotional pollution... so feel free to think about increasing scepticism, lonelyness and stuff like that... I go for a coffee.