European search for break

This is not JWT anxiety index, that you can find here,
but just a quick review of the word "break" in some European countries,
through the service offered by Google Insight

Who is more concerned by "break? Who looks more for it? And when?
Crisis amplified that search? Is there any relevant seasonality? Latin countries perform differently from anglosaxon ones? How does Italians score?
Here we go.

Portuguese probably lead the chart

followed by French and Italian

United States, United Kingdom, and Germany trends are quite flat...

It's quite curious to notice that US is the only country showing a sort of seasonality... first quarter is the harder one, and during the summer the search decrease.
It is intuitive, considering that summer is holyday time, and also a low-internet period, but... why don't we observe the same performances in other countries?

Another surprise is Spain, a latin country like Italy, France an Portugal, but reporting negative trend.

Are they generally less stressed than other countries?
Or are they constantly increasing their commitment?
I'll go deeper into it.

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