Less freedom might open your mind

My dad hate DVD, CD, divx...
No way you get him to see a rented movie. He loves radio, and in his world I think he would get rid of all the doors and windows, no matter the temperature.
It's somethinkg linked with connectivity.
Public channels (tv or radio), connect you with the rest of the nation, you feel to be open towards the outside, and at the same time you feel to be part of a group, even without joining Facebook.
I remember when I was at school, it was quite easy to find someone asking you: what did you watch yesterday night? Having just six main channel, it was reasonably a good starting point for a chat.

What's more, you didn't choose that much: on one side you had less freedom, but on the other, you might "taste" something unknown.
When we are free to decide we go for something we think we will like, and we will probably avoid all the rest. But, this might represent a barrier to our open mindness.

In a word: curiosity is great to discover something new, but also leaving someone else choose for us.

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